Demise of Cold Calls: Use the Power of Social Media for Qualified Leads

Gone are the days where you have a direct sales team that goes to the field aggressively day in and day out doing cold calls and we all know the cold calls to Prospect ratio and from Prospects to Conversion.

But today in the internet world both buyer and seller becoming SMART and LAZY we have to equip ourselves with the modern Sales techniques.

There are several reasons that justify on why Cold calls have become obsolete:

  1. New Gen Fresher Sales is no more interested in sweating out.
  2. Conversion Ratio has become poor.
  3. Time taken from identifying and closure.
  4. Buying Decision Delays.
  5. Social Media Impact on Product Reviews.

Are some reasons, but when there is a model which is working well for most of the startups, i.e social media marketing to generate leads than why not learn and grab the opportunity.

The advantages of Using Social Media to Generate Leads are,

  1. Opex on Manpower is Less.
  2. We can equip Salespersons with qualified leads and direction to go to Market.
  3. Cost of the acquisition comes down.
  4. Time taken for closure is also comparatively very less.

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Eleven Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Site

If you have been following us for quite some time now, you might have already stumbled upon SEO and how you can use it to drive in some good old traffic to your site. We have decided to delve deeper into the world of traffic and wanted to focus on ways (other than SEO) you can bring in traffic to your site.

1. Get Your Site Responsive And Fast

Before you begin, ensure that your site is well up to date. Since you will be linking your site in every post you make online; you will need to make sure that your site is easy to use, quick to load and is responsive.  When or if your site takes the time to load, potential customers could back away. Make sure that doesn’t happen. Quick and straightforward websites also make it easy to access.

2. Advertise

Quite frankly there is nothing in this world that can beat little advertising. We do not suggest that you spend a fortune on online advertisement banners but spend a little of your profit towards simple banners. By simple, we are implying that what your banner needs is a short, crisp content that explains what service you provide, accompanied by a high-quality image. All your banner needs to do is to instill an action from the viewer, so focus on eye-catching pictures and interesting/intriguing texts. We suggest you start small, test your water and then take the plunge.

3. Give To The People

If you have been surfing the internet for a while now, you would have come across an individual site that offers free PDF, an ebook on subjects/topics they are experts in. This is a great marketing tool to secure a good number of customers. Most of these free offer request you to give your mail id, which the site will then use to send you their monthly newsletters, thereby intriguing you to use their services more often,

Another method of getting your brand across is by conducting Webinars and taking part in conferences. Webinars are seminars that take place online. By hosting/ holding a webinar, you can bring in a sizable portion of the crowd to follow, provided you webinar is a topic that is relevant and relates with the crowd. Just make sure you promote about the webinars online weeks before that day. If webinars are not your forte, then how about taking part in a conference, give out a speech to the public during conventions and workshops and get to know your audience in real life. Then ask them to get in touch with you online.

4. Mixed Mediums

Now that you have asked people to get in touch with you online, it is time to ramp up your social media presence. The power of social media is already known but what remains a mystery is how to get the reach and recognitions other brands have. The answer lies in the question- brands. Companies create a brand or recognition for themselves online and begin to build up on their reach by targeting a set audience and a set demographic of users. Google+ and LinkedIn can help you secure some clean SEO points, and if you happen to be a B2B company, these sites are the way to go. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are your havens if you run a B2C company. When using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter sprinkle your posts with pictures of products/services you provide. Indulge in all forms of social media and find out which gives you better results.

5. Feature

Featuring is another interesting way to get your brand across to the unknown crowd. Participate as a guest blogger on other websites and give them the chance to write for your site as well. By being a guest blogger, you are given a window of opportunity to promote yourself to their audience. Depending on what website you guest blog in, your reach and recognition could shoot up in heaps and bounds.

6. Research

Do your research before you take up a challenge, unprepared challenges can quickly turn into risks. Read up online on trends, tips, and trick and also see what your competitors are doing and learn from them. Your competitors can help you on how to approach your audience and also on ways in which you can promote online. Learn from them and use their work as a reference.

There are much more ways in which you can bring in traffic, which is why we have decided to divide this post in two to focus on all of the points. Need help with getting social media game on point? Spize Media can do that! Digital marketing just so happens to be one of the few games we excel in. Get in touch with us and find out more.

3 Tips For Making Your Content More Relevant To The Local Audience

Writing content is no easy task- what begins as an idea, suggestions, builds up with adequate research, carefully gathering the information and piecing the information into a well-versed prose. With all of this going on for content, trying to get the content to be relatable to a specific section of society or a specific culture in the world is demanding, if not a stressful task. So how does one about writing content specific to local audience while also not losing the content’s unique flavour and intention? Well, we will show you how.

1. Opt To Use The Regional Language

What better way to connect with your local audience than using their local language to get through to them. Studies have shown that using a language that is familiar to the listener is a great way to get their attention. Also, persuading your audience is easier when you speak their language. Thinking, or in this case, writing in the regional/local language of your local audience makes it easier to think from their perspective as well. So get to it!

2. Re-Cycle your content

There is seriously nothing wrong in recycling content, as long you don’t cut, copy and paste down to the last letter. Opt instead to tweak your content by adding or editing your content to be more suitable for the time frame of when you are republishing it. Skim through your content and add more relevant information pertaining to the present. Reinventing or recycling is one of the easiest ways of reinitiating your brand with your customers.

3. Take It Slow And Easy

Don’t rush into things. Digital content creation is no easy walk in the park, especially when you are trying to reach a different range of audiences over the globe. Take things slow and test your water by posting a small content online. Based on the reviews and comments you get, build up on your plans and moved ahead. Really, though, a lot of the things under digital content and marketing involve trial and error process, so don’t beat yourself down if you are not able to crack it on the first try. Just take it slow and try to make a little bit of progress each day.

With so many updates and upgrades online, content creations and connecting to your specific regional group audience is no longer a tedious task, but that doesn’t mean you can lay easy. Digital Marketing is all about online communication, so get the best of it to help plummet your skills to the skies.

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