Six Exciting Ways To Create A Mobile Friendly Site

With the number of smartphone user skyrocketing every minute, your website needs to be able to blend in with different screens and be accessible through various operating systems. By this, we are mainly talking about making your website compatible with tablet and smartphones. A more user-friendly website is what we are after. So how exactly do you go about with making your site “user-friendly” and “mobile-friendly”? Here is how.

1. Use A Responsive Technology Framework For Your Site

A Responsive framework is one that adjusts your website according to the screen it is displayed in without compensating on design and format. Your site will appear the same way it does on your computer, on your phone and your tablet. The framework will lay out every element of your site on a grid and then shift the grid as a whole to adjust to the screen size. This saves you a lot of time on creating a separate site for mobiles (you do remember that there was a time when companies had a different site set up for mobile users?).There are many free software online that perform this task of creating a responsive framework for your site. So do your search and find the right one for you.

2. The General Thumb Rule

With smartphone users, ‘if you can’t control it with your thumb, then it’s not worth your time.’ Mobile users use minimum fingers to access apps and facilities on their phones. Likewise, sites need to be constructed in such a way that they can be operated with a thumb or an index finger. ¬†Nobody likes to use two hands to operate a site through their phone, so make sure that your website is user-friendly. One way to avoid that is not to drill in a lot of factual information on your site, too any words and descriptions might let down your audience. Also, try incorporating large button and clearly visible icons for your audience to touch them easily. Since a lot of contact interface is what is incorporated, you need to make your site compatible to move.

3. Keep It Simple

Why? because simple sites load faster on screen than sites that have complicated algorithms and multiple add-ons in them. Also, when it is clear and simple, the audience is not distracted will moving images and sounds and can focus on you, your site and what it offers. You only have a limited time to impress and move your audience, using fancy images and sounds will not help but will only distract your target. Simple is always the best way to go.

The same applies to your content as well. Wordy and long content is no longer appreciated, concise and clear and with to the point ideas are more accepted and encourage. Writing a long copy will also not help retain your audience’s attention. If they are not able to understand you in first fifteen seconds of reading, then you have lost your target. Use Icons to refer to items or additional information. Adding a load of gizmos and functions will not only make it look cluttered, but it will also slow down your site. Mobile users do not have the fastest contending internet services when compared to cable and so burdening their data with a massive interface is a big mistake.

4. Make Your Details Visible

Immediate and necessary details and information such as phone number, location address, and other contact information are quintessential and need to be placed in a space where they grab your target audience’s attention. When information is readily available, then your audience will respond faster as well.

5. Use Images, videos but sparingly

A picture can say a thousand words but don’t let it do all the talking. It is known that we are visual creatures and react better to images, sounds, etc. but don’t let videos, sounds, and images be the end all of your site. And no two phones are the same; what is compatible on one phone may not be compatible on another. Make sure that your images, sounds, and videos are straightforward and consistent on a various operating platform.

6. Perform A Test Run

Perform a thorough check on how your site performs on different platforms. Check for any hiccups or obvious blunders, alignment issue or any feature of your site that is not working properly. Address the cause of your problem and fix them before letting your site out for your target audience to view.

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