Gone are the days where you have a direct sales team that goes to the field aggressively day in and day out doing cold calls and we all know the cold calls to Prospect ratio and from Prospects to Conversion.

But today in the internet world both buyer and seller becoming SMART and LAZY we have to equip ourselves with the modern Sales techniques.

There are several reasons that justify on why Cold calls have become obsolete:

  1. New Gen Fresher Sales is no more interested in sweating out.
  2. Conversion Ratio has become poor.
  3. Time taken from identifying and closure.
  4. Buying Decision Delays.
  5. Social Media Impact on Product Reviews.

Are some reasons, but when there is a model which is working well for most of the startups, i.e social media marketing to generate leads than why not learn and grab the opportunity.

The advantages of Using Social Media to Generate Leads are,

  1. Opex on Manpower is Less.
  2. We can equip Salespersons with qualified leads and direction to go to Market.
  3. Cost of the acquisition comes down.
  4. Time taken for closure is also comparatively very less.

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