SEO, better know as Search Engine Optimization has become a well-known phrase online, especially for those of you who are looking to bring in more traffic and boost your search rankings. SEO has changed and morphed not only itself but also the trend of content and sites online. With the online world dancing to the tune of SEO; we felt that it was about time to decipher the melody, to dissect the note and give you the secret that lies within. Let’s just say that we are going to spill the beans on some juicy SEO secrets.

1. The Devil Is In The Detail

The more specific your content, the more chances of your content reaching the target audience. The internet world is no longer what it was hundred years ago. With online content about every little thing under the sun, your content needs to stand out by being specific. Instead of editing and re-editing your content to focus only on one aspect, try focusing your energy on writing the accurate Meta description for your site. The Meta description is a summary of what your site consists or caters. The more particular you get in your description, the easier it is for search engines to link you to potential seekers.

2. Keep It Fresh

Aside from being intricate with details, try to keep your content up to date with the times. Relevant information and content that is fresh grabs the attention of online customers faster than unrelated outdated data. Try to roughly maintain and update your content with relevant data and stats. Continuously updating content will ensure that your content pops up more often in searches.

3. Get Optimized

With the majority of the world population accessing content through mobile phones, you will need to mobile optimize your site to make it all the more accessible to people. Your site loads up a whole lot faster when your site is optimized. Optimized sites make it easier for search engines to get you.

4. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

That one word often linked with SEOs – Keywords is a quintessential part of the online realm. Keywords make or break your search rankings, so try to find the keyword that best suits your nature and make your content work around the said keyword. Incorporate the keyword into your title and the opening/introductory paragraph of your content; this helps boost your SEO ratings.  Speaking of keywords, one easy way to get search ranking is to indulge in long-tail or location based keywords. Keywords don’t have to be just a single word; specific keywords stand a better chance of getting more clicks than generic keywords. Try to use keywords that are more specific to your craft or involve a particular location name in them. With Keywords, you will need to play around to see which fits best and which is better left out.

5. Build Credible Links

SEO is not all about keywords, some of it can be credited to links as well. Better known as ‘Link Building,’ which is simply as an act of where people or ultimately search engines link to your website when they perceive your brand to be the source – the source of authority.  If multiple sources put out links to your sites, search engines will find it easier to gauge your site’s popularity. More linking can get you global recognition, which is never a bad thing now, is it?

6. Take It Slow

Think of SEO as a roller coaster ride that never ends, but don’t let that scare you. Sure, there will be ups and down with SEO and optimization going on, but if you work in haste, then you are making the ride a whole lot difficult. Take things slow, analyze the setting and collaborate with a pre-meditated mind. SEO is not easy, but that doesn’t make it rocket science.

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