3 Easy Steps To Start Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Social Media sites are online platforms for expression of views and sharing of information; Social Media Marketing cashes in on the viral benefits of the networks and translates them into commercial gains for small businesses. The Social Media Marketing ripple has permeated into all sectors of businesses and it is high time for entrepreneurs to bootstrap and take the plunge. Social Media Marketing can work wonders in drawing maximum traffic to the business by its pull effect. A vibrant page on Facebook or Twitter commands considerable publicity mileage and surpasses all conventional promotional strategies. The advantages of social media marketing over conventional marketing will include:

  • Appealing to the younger generation who are net-savvy.
  • Phenomenal outreach across different geographies.
  • Review mechanism that will instantly publicize customer feedback.
  • Cost efficient when compared to other marketing tools.
  • Search Engine optimized techniques are employed by Social Media Marketing agencies which will be make the SME to top online visibility.

Having made the infallible decision to switch to digital tools for marketing, here is how start-ups and SMEs can resort to affordable social media marketing.

STEP 1: Get the Facebook page crackling

Opening a page on Facebook is the first powerful step in getting social media work for your business. The page must be powered with non-pompous and lucid content with compelling images of your product. Crisp snippets on the following, intercepted with relevant multi-media techniques will leverage visits to the page.

  • Vision and Mission in brief.
  • Array of products/ services with key features highlighted.
  • Portfolio or product lines and a snapshot of the same.
  • Links to website.
  • Lace the page with happenings, events and trivia appropriate with line of business.
  • Highlight accolades and recognition if any.
  • Include links to visuals on office/ shops/ stores.

It is imperative to stay heads-up by regularly revisiting the page and updating it. A study of likes, comments can provide immense learning to modify value propositions. Similarly by observing the list of friends, market analysis and brand positioning strategies can be sphere headed.  Over posting on Facebook can be disastrous. This will create a skeptical attitude in the minds of prospective customers. The language has to be kept simple yet interesting for readers of all age groups. Use of audio-visual media is encouraged.

The business must involve strategies to increase the circle of friends. Friends can lead to more friends and so on. By using tagging and sharing of posts, it is possible to achieve this. The advantage of having a strong network of friends is the probability of positive comments from using the product or service. There is no better testimony to the performance of a product or service than a positive review or a comment from users.

In case of any ongoing promotional offers, the landing page can be directed to a customized and specific landing page. The page must motivate visitors to leave useful data like their email ids which can be saved into a database or a CRM software. Once details are captured on a CRM, it is possible to send mass mailers in the form of campaigns with the entire product portfolio as attachment. Affordable social media marketing strategies for SMEs are available which also help maintain advertising overheads at bay.

STEP 2: Getting Twitter work for your start-up

Twitter is acclaimed as one of the most influential online marketing tools in the current marketing scenario. Setting up an interactive page on Twitter can be conducive for improving the online visibility of the enterprise. It is important to remain active on Twitter to showcase interest and assertiveness in the relevant domain. By featuring engaging, genuine and appropriate information which is not self-centered around the enterprise but provides meaningful insights into the industry as whole, followers can be made to remain transfixed on the Twitter page. This way, trust in the start-up improves and the net-savvy online shopaholics start reposing loyalty in the products offered. Few must-dos to make Twitter perform are here:

  • Retweeting sensibly on neutral but relevant topics will attract the attention of followers. Using motivational quotes will make tweets noticeable.
  • Not getting carried away to make as many tweets as possible, since this dilutes focus.
  • Not to cite mundane, essays or stereotype communication. Seeking professional help from affordable social media marketing consultants will be a brownie point.
  • You can follow tweets of experts and veterans. This will open new vistas for business.
  • Following tweets of people can give an insight into customer tastes and preferences.
  • Be sure to tag tweets to friends.
  • Patience and Consistency are the traits that pay. Being prompt to respond to Tweets is another pre-requisite.
  • Reap benefits of using tweets to respond to customer queries. Since they are real time, customer satisfaction is ensured.
  • By posting tweets on funny and hilarious topics but relevant to domain, it is possible to draw attention to the website of the SME.

Facebook and Twitter come with mobile phone applications that can be downloaded in smartphones. It is possible to allocate spending time on your social media page even during commute, so as to remain updated. Getting your business covered in social media is not a luxury but has become a necessity. The business gains repute and recognition when it opens a social media page and mentions the same in other forms of advertising. Social Media Marketing should not be considered as a stand-alone technique to boost sales. It’s all about building trust among customers. Once public starts reposing trust, brand loyalty is not much far away.

STEP 3: Get the blogs in place to rope in robustness in business

Blogging on diverse but connected topics can keep your business in the limelight. Blogs must be part of the website. They must be related to the core space in which your SME is housed. They must be written over topics that are of use to public and accentuates their learning process. Some tips to make blogs an interactive marketing aid would include:

  • Do not infest the blog with self-written articles. Post blogs from guests on trending topics.
  • Blogs need to be in lucid and non-technical language that can arouse the intrigue buds of the layman. Technical blogs from subject matter experts may not attract adequate traffic.
  • Blogs must be catchy and poignant. They must engage the readers without a dip in avidness. Prefer including bullet text, preferably with hash tags and images.
  • Blogs must provide practical and quick solutions to common problems.
  • Modern day social media marketing for start-ups and SMEs publish blogs simultaneously on social media as well.
  • As an entrepreneur, guest blogging on other sites will make your profile richer.
  • Blogs are a technique to reach new audiences as well as retain the existing customers.
  • The efficiency of blogs and readership must be monitored continuously. Online tools to calculate number of clicks or visits are available.

These are initial steps to begin with social media marketing. It has to be understood that social media marketing is not an end in itself but a means to achieve market share and brand awareness. The bottom line is placing the brand in a lasting fashion on the cyber media. Wherever possible there must be discreet mentioning of the brand. Social Media Marketing is at its zenith and if your firm is not part of the game, no time must be wasted in starting with the same.

Choosing the digital marketing mix

There is one universal formula to success in digital marketing. By analyzing various parameters such as size of business, nature of product or service, marketing budget and the target market, the right mix of social media platforms must be chosen. It is important to undertake periodic assessment of the effectiveness of each tool that has been chosen and analyze the impact created in terms of revenues and market share.

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