Demise of Cold Calls: Use the Power of Social Media for Qualified Leads

Gone are the days where you have a direct sales team that goes to the field aggressively day in and day out doing cold calls and we all know the cold calls to Prospect ratio and from Prospects to Conversion.

But today in the internet world both buyer and seller becoming SMART and LAZY we have to equip ourselves with the modern Sales techniques.

There are several reasons that justify on why Cold calls have become obsolete:

  1. New Gen Fresher Sales is no more interested in sweating out.
  2. Conversion Ratio has become poor.
  3. Time taken from identifying and closure.
  4. Buying Decision Delays.
  5. Social Media Impact on Product Reviews.

Are some reasons, but when there is a model which is working well for most of the startups, i.e social media marketing to generate leads than why not learn and grab the opportunity.

The advantages of Using Social Media to Generate Leads are,

  1. Opex on Manpower is Less.
  2. We can equip Salespersons with qualified leads and direction to go to Market.
  3. Cost of the acquisition comes down.
  4. Time taken for closure is also comparatively very less.

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4 Key Things You Can Learn From Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a tough field to work in. With the rise in its popularity and necessity, chances are digital marketing is not going anywhere. With the demand for more services providers in digital marketing, we decided to set down a list of things you might learn to do while you soak your toes in the new realm of digital marketing. You will learn

1. To Be Specific

Digital Marketing is a world of its own, and there are so many things you can do in here- which means that there are so many things you can not do as well. Digital Marketing is massive and with each client you receive, your priorities will change as well. Instead of piling up all the work, question your customers and ask them exactly what they wish to do. Perhaps your clients need help in bringing in more traffic; perhaps they want to have SEO assistance or perhaps they merely need compelling content to move their brand ahead. Question them strategically and correctly to find out the required needs of your customers and work solely towards that plan. This makes planning and execution easier for you.

2. Be Willing To Take Risks

Digital Marketing is pretty much still in its nascent stage so there a lot of aspects of the work that requires a process of trial and error. So when handling a job that involves digital marketing, be sure to be open to sudden changes in execution strategies, mishaps or complete reversal of plans. Also, with free tools and tech support galore online up and rising every minute, you get to be more creative and experimental with your work. This requires a lot of risk-taking on your part, so better be willing to be open to trying new strategies, online tools, and software. Should things turn south, just be sure to inform your clients about it as quick as possible, make sure you keep them in the loop.

3. Be A Perfectionist

Just stick to your plan and work it through and through. Part of working in the digital medium is the highly demanding clientele, the ever diminishing time and the immense amount of workload. Nowadays, quality does not surpass quantity, but a healthy mix of the two is what is preferred it not desired by the customers. The only way you can deliver the two is that if you diligently work towards your goals and strive for perfection. Make perfection a priority in your list of tasks/goals. No one appreciates will work or half-completed job so avoids putting yourself in such a situation.

4. Just Go For It

Half of the joy of completing the task is derived from the hard work you put towards achieving. With every job that comes your way, a good amount of issues and problems will arise and strive through it part of the completion process, so just go for it. Take each task as a learning experience and build up your experience. Not everyone is born to be perfect at something; it takes time to excel in specific skills so don’t go hard on yourself if you don’t get it at first, looks at it as a learning curve and try to find a solution and work towards it.

Digital Marketing is like a moving rock that gains momentum with every spin. With its ballooning popularity and necessity, it gives one apply clients and projects to mingle and work with the digital realm. Digital Marketing can be daunting, but with time and practice, it becomes easy to handle. Just keep your eye on the result and work diligently towards it.

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5 Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2017


5 Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

The realm of digital marketing has been very influential in expanding customer base as well making a firm imprint on brand awareness and brand loyalty. As against conventional marketing, they avoid the run-the-mill canvassing campaigns where there is a huge gap between the target market and the business, digital marketing focuses on the human element in marketing. Customers are bound to visit and re-visit a business when they are convinced they are not dealing with a robotic company but interacting with people.

As we stand in the last leg of 2016, businesses realize that the digital marketing wave is so strong that it is not possible for any enterprise to remain unscathed. 2017 holds the key to harness social media marketing to its fullest use, optimizing strategies for start-ups and SMEs to achieve greater productivity and profitability while being watchful of the promotional budgets. Some of the important trends which would architect the digital marketing landscape for 2017 have been outlined.

# 1 Live Video Streaming

2017 will witness a radical shift towards interactive form of promotions. With social media platforms like you tube, Periscope and Facebook Live offering to feature live videos, customers are captivated by seeing their product real time. It is a welcome departure from the erstwhile pre-recorded video sessions which have outlived their efficient phase in marketing. Live Video streaming is actually a glimpse of real-time activities of the business; a sneak peek into behind-the-veils happenings in the floor of the business. In the words of the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Live has secured more than 9 million views. The plus points with live video streaming would include:

  • Cost effectiveness. It is a myth when people feel that live video streaming may be costlier than traditional video recording system
  • The flexibility to edit your video before uploading on social media platforms
  • Greater mileage when used consistently. When it is planned to use live videos in digital marketing, the entrepreneur has to commit to using it regularly.
  • Live videos have already caught the like and attention of the tech savvy. The concept is trendy and new now. There is no better time than now, for start-ups to skim-the-cream of the intrigue of customers.
  • Since Live Videos are crowd pullers, conversion becomes easier as also audience database is widened.
  • By playing a video of your warehouse or workshop while the product is on the make, customers feel a sense of belonging.

#2 Content Marketing

A piece of well-articulated, lucidly written and engaging content forms the heart of digital marketing. Amidst the bellows and hues of going viral on social media, businesses need to focus on what is being depicted on the walls of their Facebook Pages or Twitter or Websites. Smart customers do not visit your website to watch a an animation movie, they must find something that is informative and sensible, for them to follow your business with loyalty. 2017 sees a soaring surge in using content marketing across all social media avenues like blogs, podcasts, webinars, network pages, white papers and so on. For the customers of today who are sharply street smart, it is no longer possible to push your niche using aggressive marketing. They do their own research and analyze the pros and cons of your value proposition with that of competitors. Brand Loyalty is diminishing at an alarming rate. Start-ups and SMEs can very well employ content marketing techniques and improve their visibility on the internet by using search engine optimization techniques.

Personalizing content is the secret stone to be uncovered to make your business appealing to customers over social media. 2017 will witness more and more entrepreneurs keen on loading their online space with helpful content that represent issues of public interest and widens their horizons of knowledge.

# 3 Snapchat

Snapchat is no longer a fun game. It forms a large and cheesy chunk of the social media marketing menu for any enterprise, regardless of size or age. Snapchat is a brilliant multimedia mobile app that was conceptualized by a bunch of students of the Stanford University. That was just the humble start. What happened after that has been nothing but phenomenal leaps and bounds, with millions of people subscribing to the image messaging service. Businesses have found it extremely effective and rewarding to blend their content with messaging. The result is a whole new and diverse segment of target audience for their business. The snap chat vantage points are the following:

  • It is a cost effective means of social media marketing. Mobile apps are free to download, so customers especially the youth will have no hassle in subscribing.
  • The images can be made creative by captioning them doodles or lens graphics. Video clips with access to live events can be used for brand strengthening
  • When you have planned to shower your customers with freebies and offers, make them visually appealing with Snapchat
  • It lends itself for partnerships with other social media networks

#4 Mobile Marketing

Smart phones have literally transformed the purpose of mobile phone from a device for making phone calls to that of a mini-computer. Businesses have identified the advent of android, i-phones, i-pads and tablets to leverage their digital marketing strategies. Marketing experts foresee a path-breaking increase in the contribution of mobile marketing techniques. Some noteworthy trends in mobile marketing will include:

  • Usage of QR (quick response) codes so that mobile ads take them to specific landing pages to improve brand awareness.
  • SMS marketing can be used to reach out to a large number of customers who are not randomly chosen, but selectively filtered based on parameters like proximity, likeliness to communicate with the business, social presence across various networking sites and a host of other demographic factors. Multimedia messages can also be used.
  • Mobile users tend to look for specific and direct information on the keywords that they search for. Businesses are preparing themselves to position their products to show up as results for their knowledge hunt.
  • Online tools which provide data for mobile marketing analytics are being used fervently by digital marketing experts to gauge receptiveness of promotions.
  • Mobile marketing is closely related with Geo targeting or proximity marketing where customers living in the vicinity of the business are targeted. Some examples will include Google Hotspot and Bluecasting.
  • E commerce start-ups provide free-to-download apps so that customers can shop on the go. With mobile banking and mobile payment processors on the rise, mobile shopping happens in a jiffy.

#5 Real time interaction with target market

This is an off-shoot of the growing need for customers to expect the business to interact with them as human beings. They require real time support and are impatient to write emails to the company or listen to the automated IVRS on their helplines to know about the product portfolio. Most websites and social media pages are powered with online chat sessions where the customer can interact real time with the business. Twitter is an apt example used in digital marketing for real time customer care. 2017 will see businesses set their own dedicated teams or seek professional support from veteran digital marketing  experts to run their social media accounts effectively.

Where online guided tours of the product or the service is embedded on social media, gathering feedback through real time interaction with visitors will provide the required analytics for improving the value proposition. Customer pings can be increased by interacting with them effectively and on a one-to-one basis, for them to feel that they are being accorded undivided attention. Essential data with regards to customers can be collected. There is an upward trend towards social media networks which effectively capture various details of customers like their income levels, geographies, family situation, interest areas and many demographic and informative inputs. The data gathered will be synthesized to draw key inferences leading to augmented customer service and brand loyalty.

Positive and upward trend for digital marketing in 2017

Thus, the projections for 2017 include among others, a demand for social analytics tools like Buffer and Google Analytics for measuring efficiency. Businesses gain credibility and trust when their own employees connect with the outside world, representing the business on social media. They become in-house brand ambassadors for your product and visitors, leveraging in-bound traffic among peer groups. The evolution of social media from a leisure-time activity to targeted and scientific ways of analyzing customer behavior as well as a rewarding strategy for outreach is truly a metamorphosis that will percolate into 2017.

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