10 Must Have Free Social Media Tools for Startups

A bird’s eye view of Free Social Media Tools for Startups

Social Media marketing strategies are cost effective and result oriented amplifiers of business and revenues. Startups which are stung by barriers of cost and competition need to bootstrap and review social media tools which can enable them to wield an influential presence on social media. A multitude of free tools is available on the internet which would adequately complement your social media promotional strategies. Since a majority of these tools can be enjoyed free of cost, startups cannot waste time in exploring them, before competition conquers the prime mover advantages.

A bird’s eye view of these user-friendly Free Social Media Tools for Startups has been attempted:

# 1 Buffer

Buffer is a powerful social media management tool that helps startups and SMEs gain maximum mileage out of their social media presence. With Buffer, it is easy to retain control and manage all your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest at one go.

  • Send personalized content in each post by adding context
  • Time your posts so that you can capture your customers when they are most likely to view them on social media; create a schedule of when your posts should go live
  • Share images and videos to make your value propositions interesting
  • Instant posting of articles without queuing
  • Sharing to selective social media networks at the click of a button
  • Easy to download buffer app is available for smartphones

The most welcome feature with Buffer is that you can save a whole lot of time by completing all your content generating, curating and articulating work in one stroke and then go in for batching your social media posting process, at timelines which are most advantageous.

# 2 Canva

The Canva graphic software comes in handy if you want to create engaging pictorials for your PowerPoint presentations, website, and online campaigns. It is stunningly simple to use with thousands of images and design patterns, textures and images to choose from. It is a design program equipped to produce aesthetic designs to your online content. Be it online posters, flyers, social media graphics or visuals for your presentations, illustrious portfolios, Canva is available for free right in your desktop. There are thousands of awesome layouts that can be chosen. Creating a neat design with Canva is as simple as child’s play with its excellent drag and drop feature. There are paid images and templates also available. Templates for social media like a Facebook cover, Pinterest Cover , Instagram Post and Google+ header to mention a very few. Canva is not about images alone. It is stacked with a number of vectors, illustrations, fonts, icons and shapes. Tools for filtering photos are available so that you can pick the best. The layouts can be brushed with a spectrum of special effects for weaving high-quality imagery.

# 3 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful back-end tool for detailed analysis of customer movement across your social media platforms. It is a ready reckoner of your social media and website ROI. This free tool is rich in functionality in terms of tracking social media activity. Having spent your promotional budget for social media marketing, you will be interested in fathoming the below:

  • What is the total of visitors on each platform?
  • What is the percentage of conversion?
  • Has website traffic improved?
  • How did visitors come to know your website?
  • Is it Facebook or Twitter that is successful in drawing more visitors?

Google Analytics does the hard work of studying your social media influence and crunching numbers for statistical analysis. You can customize your dashboard for taking cognizance of top-level inferences. Start using Google analytics for efficient traffic analysis. It comes in different versions like Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics for mobile apps. It is amazing that GA can tell you from what devices customers accessed your website and how much time they spent on which page.

# 4 Bitly

Ever mystified with the length of your links? Finding it difficult to use them for linking? If the answer is yes,Bitly is the perfect solution. Bitly is a URL shortener. To make your URL crisp and easy-to-remember, make use of Bitly which can compress it for you. Bitly offers flexibility by allowing you to brand links, by adding a custom URL shortener. Through its deep linking functionality, Bitly offers a bouquet of services in addition to mere shortening of links

  • Tracking and measuring link analytics
  • Analyzing them to evaluate online campaigns
  • Bitlinks optimize your promotional budget by highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • Bitly enterprise leverages the power of links in assessing customer behavior

# 5 Feedly

This free tool allows you to take control of the vast ocean of website content concerning articles, blogs, and websites. It allows you to organize topics of your interest and read them at your convenience. That is not all. You can share customized collections with others across social media or save them for later use. You can analyze your custom sorted and curated stories. By sharing them in peer groups and with subordinates, you can make communication more engaging. If you prioritize topics and ideas you want to share, you can attract a lot of followers. Instead of wading through the marsh of online stories, you can choose to stay on top of a chosen few that are relevant to your industry.

# 6 SumoMe

If you are looking for a store to purchase the apt applications and tools to enhance your online mileage, SumoMe would be your ultimate destination. It is an app store that offers a list of user-friendly tools that customers can install and uninstall effortlessly. The range offered falls in three major buckets namely, email, social sharing, and analytics. The growth plugin provided by SumoMe is the fastest way to expand your mailing list with the List Builder tool which welcomes visitors with an attractive pop-up to subscribe. Similarly, the highlighter tool enables your visitors to highlight lines of interest.

# 7 Google Keyword Planner

It is common knowledge that customers search the web for information using keywords. An understanding of the keywords that may be used to find your business on search engines will provide meaningful insights into articulating your content accordingly. Google Keyword Planner is an AdWords tool that helps in

  • Generating a set of keywords for the chosen URL
  • Providing data on search volumes
  • Estimate performances of keywords for planning campaigns

# 8 Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEO tops the list of currently available WordPress plug-ins and is the most downloaded tool that guides you to optimize your WordPress content. By including meta description, title and meta keywords, you can ensure that your web pages and posts are geared for top class visibility. During technical optimization, Yoast offers a snippet preview of your content appears in search results. Page Analysis functionality assures that your content is powered for top ranking in search engines. XML sitemaps improve visibility for your content as well as images. Outwit fake content by enabling RSS optimization or improve navigation with breadcrumbs functionality, and make the most of Yoast.

# 9 MailChimp

As the name suggests, this is free to use mailing software. If you have a reasonable number of leads, prospects or customers, MailChimp is the ideal way to reach them by email. However, there is a cap on the number of contacts you can save for free on mail chimp. Post consumption of the free limit, you need to upgrade to paid version. The highlights of using mail chimp are:

  • Mass mailing campaigns
  • Beautiful templates to choose from, for your background
  • Send plain text campaigns or make them visually appealing by making tiles and columns
  • Embed images and customize them with your logo and tagline
  • Selective emailing is possible with different lists for different campaigns
  • Statistics on success of campaigns, tracking recipients responses
  • Online integration of your e-commerce store, CRM, WordPress and social media
  • Targeted campaigns including automated product back-ups, stock refurbishment mails

About 12 million users find their sales boosted with quality emails sent through mail chimp. Startups can optimize their marketing spend by using MailChimp.

# 10 Social Mention

This is a holistic search tool that combs for mentions, emotions and activities on the social media platforms. The unique feature of social mention is that the social media search engine is geared to filter all user-generated online content and present the result thereof for analysis. The searches are conducted real-time. If you are a startup who desires to gauge customer preferences, reviews and responses on your newly launched niche product or service, across a target market of net savvy customers, social mention is the apt tool.

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