10 Amazing Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Startups And SMEs

Social Media Marketing packages are loaded with specific, long-run and tangible benefits for an enterprise, more so for a startup or an SME. Nevertheless, it is not the mere opening of a Facebook page or an emphatic tweet on your product performance that can gain you mileage, but it is the prudent choice and sensible blend of social media marketing tools that can augur customer loyalty. The unique factor that sets apart social media marketing strategies from any other conventional market tactic is the pull effect that is ensured. In simpler terms, social media marketing binds together like-minded target audience for the product and the business. It does not push the brand name compulsively, as does traditional marketing, which may not spell productivity in the long run.

Statistics reveal an astounding 1.65 billion social media accounts active on mobiles across the globe, with sizeable number of additions by the day. The all-pervading advantages of social media advertising cannot be underestimated. Even conventionally run businesses have started taking cognizance of the synergistic effect of social media marketing on their sales books. Some of the advantages have been discussed at length.

1. Guarantees Brand Positioning and building Brand Image

A new entrant is invariably pensive on placing his brand in the target market, barring hiccups posed by competition. Having an engaging social media page like Facebook or Twitter and getting people to like and share will improve visibility and brand awareness by leaps and bounds. Startups can start with dedicating a few effective hours per day and start liking pages between friends and relatives. Every time a post is shared, more people come to know of the brand. Pictures are stronger than words. You tube and Instagram can be used to paint lasting pictures of the product in the minds of public. Videos can demonstrate usage of products. More visits to social media pages widens the network of customers. By way of posting good reviews on the product, friends are bound to try out the product since the words of their own acquaintances stand testimony to product satisfaction. Brand image is built, sans huge capital outlay for it.

2. Accentuates customer service

An excellent and cost effective way for startups and SMEs to remain connected with customers is by way of social media marketing. With Twitter, customer support can be real time. By providing Facebook and LinkedIn links on all marketing collaterals, the businesses can resolve customer queries better. Nothing can minuscule the viral effect of a positive review posted by a satisfied customer. Similarly, when grievances of customers are solved on the dot, they are bound to vouch for the brand and recommend it to many networks of friends. Social Media marketing projects the brand as customer-centric. It incorporates the human element in the business. Customers feel pampered and cared for when the business settles their issues instantly. Needless to mention, your brand voice reigns supreme when you maintain an interactive rapport with your clientele.

3. Nourishes customer trust, retention and loyalty

When a customer chooses and purchases your product in preference to others, and he does it time and again, it accounts to brand loyalty. Customer loyalty is an indicator of faith and trust reposed in the brand. It has been observed that consumers who follow the brand on social media remain loyal. They also endorse it in their network. Many firms have benefited from nuances of ultimate trust in their product when they have good response in social media. Customer trust is the harbinger of market leadership in the near future. The ripple effect of social media marketing is that customers who perceive genuine uses in the product will engage better with the business, by interacting in social media. This will attract new customers to the arena. Customer retention is that once when they shop for your products they are bound to share it on social media and will keep coming back for future purchases. Long term commitment to the products and the business are ensured. When the firm launches a new product, these customers and their friends on social media are sure to go in for them.

4. Fosters target market knowledge

One of the time tested covenants of marketing is “Know your customer”.  Social media marketing enhances knowledge of customers. By analyzing the details on followers and friends, it is possible to draw useful excerpts like age group, educational qualification, economic status and the dynamic personas of customers. A plethora of online tools are available to synthesize essential data from social media network. By linking data to a CRM, a strong data base of customers can be built. Similarly an analysis of reviews and feedbacks acts as a ready reckoner of customer preferences and buying trends. Social media marketing tools are equipped to run tailor made reports which can be run real time to gauge customer demeanor. These inferences become the beacons for key decisions on product design, development, improvisation, zeroing in on the ideal promotional strategy, budgeting and control. Social media marketing does not generate sales per se but has an assertive say over purchasing decisions of people.

5. Powers your business with the human edge

Customers find it interesting to interact with people and not with a business. This is where social media marketing has outshone erstwhile marketing techniques. Unless a showroom is located in the vicinity of buyers find it difficult to see the products. The thrust to humanize business is the need of the hour. By subscribing to social media marketing you can ensure that your business cashes in, on the relationship capital with customers.

6. Foraying into the choicest of market fragments

Social media marketing bats for accurate fragmenting of the target market and resultant pitching to the most receptive chunk. Technology enhanced social media marketing also enables the budding entrepreneur to embrace customers within his geography. For startups and SMEs this is a blessing untold. It is possible to identify potential customers who are inhabitants of the immediate radii of the business. Social media marketing goes on to subdivide the market based on their buying trends, occupation (an example is LinkedIn), and many more. For those who cannot accommodate costs of taking physical surveys, social media is a store house of data based on which industry trends as well as competitor audience can be studied. It is possible to customize content to different segments of your target audiences.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing experts make your words work for you. Search Engine Optimization are used to improve search engine rankings. By making significant brand mentions in the walls of networking sites, it is possible for your brand to remain search engine visible. Sharing of website links on social media can improves website traffic as well as places your business in an organically strategic position over competitors. It is important that your startup remains in a vantage position when searched on search engines, with the tech savvy shoppers on a spree to look for anything they need on the Google or the Bing, to mention a few. SEO techniques are mastered by social media marketing experts, which carries strong probability of conversion of website visitors. Even if every visit doesn’t mandatorily get converted, the opportunities for conversion improves. If a customer is aware of your brand, and doesn’t happen to buy your product, his probability to buy it in the near future is strong.

8. Content Marketing and Curation

To make a lasting impact on customers, loading your website with loads of flawless content alone does not suffice. Only effective social media marketing techniques can make them catch the attention of the target audience. Content curation is the art of sifting through existing content, culling out the relevant and sharing it with customers.

9. Accelerated inbound traffic

Social Media Target can leverage inbound traffic where the contents are sensibly syndicated over appropriate social media platforms. For example teenagers and students are frequent visitors of Facebook and Pinterest, whereas LinkedIn has more to do with seasoned professionals.

10. Strategic display of products

Visual images of products in many angles has earned good response from customers. For example when you are marketing fashion jewelry, you can include a spectrum of images of people wearing them. A you tube video showcasing usage of product especially by a customer can speak volumes on the product performance and pave way not only for online traffic but fruitful conversions of the traffic. When business become candid in engaging with customers across social media, word –of-mouth publicity for the product lines increase. Social media is accessed best in workplaces and will spread the word about your brand to colleagues and peers.

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