Social Media platforms can be quite a time-consuming activity but enjoying as well, but if you happen to own a business, how do you ensure that your followers engage in your content as much as your competitor’s social feed? We have got the answers to your question- here are few ways in which you can bring active engagement from your followers online.

1. Break Down The Barrier:

Pull back the drapes, show a little behind the scenes of what happens in your office space- be it a meeting, a group lunch, fun evening of team building activities or a particular celebratory occasion. By posting photos of the people and faces that represent your company, you are breaking the wall between the client and the company. If also shows your company is a human light. Just make sure that the photos you share do not put your business in an awkward position.

2. Polls, Questions, and Suggestions:

People love to talk, so why stop them? We suggest you give them a chance to voice out their opinion to you. Your social media feed doesn’t always have to be about you and your company; it has to be about your customers as well. Create a survey, take out a poll on Facebook, ask your clients for a suggestion and of given them a question to answer. Sometimes posts like this will garner a lot of attention from the crowd.

3. Blog And Share Content:

One great way to get customer engagement online is by directing the traffic to your blog or in some case blogs that are on another company/brand’s site. Blogs are an excellent way to get personal with your audience; they bring out active engagement and interaction between the audience and the writer/company. Many companies have their set of bloggers who write interesting and engaging content for them. You don’t need to have a massive team of writers to back you up; sometimes you can share content writer by other bloggers on you social media feed. As long as they are relevant to your post and that you give them credit on your feed.

4. Statistics, Infographics, Case Studies:

While there are a variety of people out there that would love to see a cat video, there is an equal amount of viewers who scans through graphs, statistics, and analysis. Providing stats on your business to your online audience is an excellent way to get them to understand you and for them to get a better grasp of how you work. Case Studies give a more in-depth detail and stand as a reference to your firm.

5. Videos And Pictures:

Your social media feed doesn’t always have to be about business; it can be fun as well. Came across an interesting video, funny clips, a beautiful picture or a moving quote, don’t hesitate to like it and show it to your audience.

6. Discounts, Sales, Competition And Giveaways:

If you happen to use social media on a daily basis, then you will notice that consumer companies often put out sales and give out discounts. This is a great strategy used to traffic in more crowd and get a good turnout of profit. If your business happens to be a consumer-based company, then you can try to offer up discount as well. Better yet, run competitions online to get your crowd roaring with the winner receiving coupons or free goodies from your company. Get your crowd to either take a selfie of them using your product or help you come up with a new slogan or a new flavor. The game you play is your choice, but the response is bound to be immense.

7. AMA (Ask Me Anything):

One of the most interesting ways to engage your social media audience is to conduct an AMA, also known as Ask Me Anything. People are forever curious about what the other is into and so when a chance pops up, crowds will flock. You can either host this on Facebook, Twitter or Google Hangout. This is a great stripped down fashion of connecting with your client/audience.

8. Tutorials, E books and Interviews:

There is a myriad of how-to online, so why not add to the list with your whipped creations of tutorials as well? Guaranteed that none can explain the functions of your business better than you (assuming that you are its owner), your tutorial will be well appreciated. Why not step the ante and write an E book on a topic regarding your business. E books and tutorials are great way to give your audience an insight into your firm. Another way to go about this is by taking/giving interviews be it with people in your business or experts from your business front.

9. Back With The Old:

If an old post of yours received a lot of love when it was posted then it’s time for it to make a comeback. Many companies do this, where a particular product, service or post gets popular that the company makes sure to run the product again. Ever seen the ‘Popular items’ on consumer sites? That is what we are talking about, bringing back the popular post to drive more traffic to your site.

While most business sites turn their social media pages into customers services or grievances section, you can walk the untrodden path of bridging the gap between the client and the company by increasing your social media engagement. So head on over to your social feeds and try it for yourself.

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